Our partner, PrismPay, offers many options for your eCommerce Online Store.  By working with PrismPay, we can design a specialized eCommerce solution customized to work for your business.  From a Virtual Terminal to shopping cart integrations we can complete the needs of your payment processing needs.

POS Cloud Connect with Legacy Integrations

POS Cloud Connect is the new, innovative, semi-integrated EMV solution from PrismPay. It will revolutionize secure payment acceptance by taking merchants’ POS applications out of scope for PADSS and EMV. You can control the entire payment process from the cloud. It provides merchants the ability to customize how they want to present payment info to their customers. It not only interfaces with payment terminals, it transforms even the most basic terminals into intelligent tools, so merchants can better manage Pay at the Table, Pay at the Counter, Pay at the Room, and others. Whether the merchant is using a cash register, web browser, or other payment type, the POS Cloud Connect API frees the POS application from the nearly impossible task of integrating a new EMV terminal into a legacy POS system or any outdated computer system.  Read more about our Cloud-Based Point of Sale Solution.

Shopping Cart Integration

Our partner, PrismPay, offers many options for your shopping cart integration needs.  Check out their many options for your shopping cart integration.

Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS)

Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) Solution replaces standard authorization terminals or software, and it provides the best solution for merchants who manually enter credit card transactions for mail or phone order sales.  Learn more about Virtual Point of Sale Systems.

Fraud Solutions

PrismPay’s  deterrents include cyber-risk intelligence that is gathered, analyzed, and sent to you in seconds. PrismPay gateway ensures that all purchases are authorized when the sale is made. This helps to reduce any potential losses. We employ a sophisticated suite of detection and prevention options. Find out more about our partners Fraud Prevention and Solutions.

Mobile Processing

Our Mobile Payment Processing Options give merchants the ability to accept chip and swiped cards with PIN transactions.  You'll have access to real-time reporting within a customizable and easy to manage dashboard.

eCommerce Processing
Accept payments online securely with PrismPay's secure payment gateway.  Process your transactions in real-time and view reporting within the advanced reporting.  Take advantage of recurring and automated billing with the reporting tools offered.
Retail Processing

With NGPOS, you can expect unprecedented security and payment processing solutions for your in store transactions.  Take your business to the next level with the various options we offer merchants to help improve their business.